What is statistics essay

Statistics is a fast growing subject. As a discipline it is as old as human civilization.

What is statistics essay

We find statistics in everyday life, such as in books or other information papers or TV or newspapers. Although, in the beginning it was used by Kings only for collecting information about states and other information which was needed about their people, their number, revenue of the state etc.

This was known as the science of the state because it was used only by the Kings. It was for the first time, perhaps in Egypt to conduct census of population in B. But now-a-days due to its pervading nature, its scope has increased and widened.

It is now used in almost in all the fields of human knowledge and skills like Business, Commerce, Economics, Social Sciences, Politics, Planning, Medicine and other sciences, Physical as well as Natural.

In the Plural Sense: From the this point of view the definition given by Prof. Horace Sacrist appears to be the most comprehensive and meaningful: In the Singular Sense: It is the first stage of investigation and is regarding collection of data.

It is determined that which method of collection is needed in this problem and then data are collected. It is second stage. The data are simplified and made comparative and are classified according to time and place. In this third stage, organised data are made simple and attractive.

These are presented in the form of tables diagrams and graphs. Forth stage of investigation is analysis.

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To get correct results, analysis is necessary. It is often undertaken using Measures of central tendencies, Measures of dispersion, correlation, regression and interpolation etc. In this last stage, conclusions are enacted. Use of comparisons is made.

On this basis, forecasting is made.

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From the above two senses of statistics, modem definitions have emerged as given below: Dubois So, from above definitions we find that science of statistics also includes the methods of collecting, organising, presenting, analysing and interpreting numerical facts and decisions are taken on their basis.

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Your custom statistics project will consist of selecting your idea then finding the variables, samples, and data collecting, analyzing data, and finally writing down your results.

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Summary: While statistics are useful in aiding our understanding of various subjects, they can also be used as a tool to manipulate and deceive people as they form perceptions and ideas about a particular subject.

It is therefore important to be able to test the validity of statistical evidence that.

What is statistics essay

Social statistics are of crucial importance to our understanding of society – however we find ourselves increasingly bombarded with numbers from a profileration of sources.

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