The question of abortion is a matter of private choice

Because facts to a liberal are like a soap circle around an ant crawling on your counter.

The question of abortion is a matter of private choice

There is no question that the topic of abortion is one of the real hot button issues of our day. And there is a very strong and outspoken lobby which is active and adamant that abortion should remain the law of the land.

They claim that no outside person should have the right to tell a woman what she must do with her body. It is her own business and she should have the right to make her own choice. They argue that abortion should be affordable, safe and legal in order for women to be protected. A third argument is that teen pregnancy leads to all kinds of social problems and that most teens are not ready to be parents.

They should, therefore, not have to carry a child to term which they will be unable to properly care for. Another common argument is that women who become pregnant by rape or incest should not be forced to bear a child created under those circumstances. They claim that it is simply not right.

Finally, it is argued that unwanted children are highly subject to abuse by a parent who does not want the child.

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If a child is unwanted, the mother should not be forced to have it. Essentially, pro-abortion advocates defend their position based on issues of personal choice, privacy, rape and incest, convenience, economics, child abuse, and the like. This is not to say that these issues are not significant.

But they completely miss the single most important issue of all. They entirely ignore the fact that every abortion kills a completely innocent human being. Not a single one of the pro-abortion arguments above can possibly justify this outcome. Think about each of these issues for a moment.

The question of abortion is a matter of private choice

Should a child be exterminated because the means of conception was bad or even traumatic for the mother? Should a baby be killed because bearing it will be inconvenient for the mother? Looking at it this way, the answers to the questions are obvious.


There is no legitimate reason to kill an unborn baby. But if we are going to make an assertion like this, there is one more issue that we must address. In taking this anti-abortion stance, we are also making an assumption — an assumption that the pre-born child is fully a human being.

Many abortion advocates assert that the unborn are not yet real human beings, so aborting them is not killing a child.Abortion is not a private choice "but of the common good", according to Archbishop Eamon Martin, who spoke of his concern ahead of the May 25 referendum. In a wide-ranging interview at his.

6) Human abortion and the pro-life/pro-choice debate is such a hot topic in today’s culture that it can often seem like the best, least biased, and most conflict-free modus operandi is to keep all available options open, even when one of those options is no good.

Pro-choice groups tend to avoid anything that suggests there is a negative consequence to abortion for the strategic reason of: why give the pro-life movement any ammo.

It’s hard enough. Obviously it is better to prevent abortion with better birth control, but when a pregnancy does happen, abortion is a good choice. Fewer babies born means a better life for those that are born. All children deserve to be born into a world where they are loved and cared for.

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For more than a decade, the right to abortion has been steadily eroded, so that now the debate is over who should be able to pre-empt a woman's choice to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, laws now.

The question of abortion is a matter of private choice
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