The performance management system of southwest airlines and the interrelation of different processes

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The performance management system of southwest airlines and the interrelation of different processes

The system of aviation safety regulation in Australia was originally based on the system of maritime safety regulation in Australia. The system of maritime safety regulation in Australia was and continues to be, in essence, implemented through the Navigation Act and subordinate legislation under that Act, in the form of Navigation Regulations and Marine Orders.

Flying machines and floating machines are just flying machines and floating machines.

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The people who say the system of aviation safety regulation in Australia is not that bad are, almost invariably, people who have little-to-no experience in other countries or make money out of building and running the system and who, therefore, make money out of ever-more complexity.

There are lots and lots of international conventions relating to maritime activities. The aviation safety regulator is also bound to perform its functions in a manner consistent with the obligations of Australia under international agreements.

Lucrative for the cogitators; not so the regulated. A related issue to the first is that the international conventions relevant to maritime activities specify pretty strict and limited circumstances in which exemptions may be granted. However, exemptions are an essential part of the Heath Robertson contraption that is the Australian air safety regulatory regime.

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There are many forms of cognitive bias, but one is the human propensity to overestimate the probabilities of awful events, resulting in damaging rather than beneficial mitigation of those risks. Air crashes are such events. Germanwings is the most awful of awful events. Each accident results in ever-more complex rules and restrictions, even if there is no causal and cost-effective positive connection between the rules and restrictions and the risk, because humans perceive the probabilities of air accidents to be far higher than they objectively are, and accordingly clamour for or tolerate responses that are more costly than is justified by the objective risk, or worse, are counter-productive.

For example, there will be no limit to the individual rights sacrificed in the name of prevention of another Germanwings. And few if any pilots will be willing to raise any issue that might be construed as a mental health problem. Anyway, back to the evolution of the aviation safety regulatory system It is important to bear in mind the difference between the safety regulation of aviation on the one hand and the economic and international relationship aspects of aviation on the other.

In principle, anyone who meets the safety standards should be able to fly wherever they like. However, there are economic and diplomatic and other consequences of letting people fly wherever they like, carrying whatever cargo and passengers they like.

So there is regulation of these aspects of aviation as well. The licensing of scheduled international air services to and from and within Australia remained and remains regulated by the Air Navigation Act for economic and international relations reasons, and the safety of aviation within Australia became regulated by the Civil Aviation Act and subordinate legislation under that Act.

The Civil Aviation Authority was also created by that Act.

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The theory of this split was that CASA would focus only on safety regulation and Air Services would focus only on the provision of air navigation-related services. The practical reality has been different, but the reasons about which volumes could also be written are not necessary to delve into for your purposes.

What was supposed to happen was that the Civil Aviation Regulations were to be replaced by the Civil Aviation Safety Regulationsand that because the latter were going to be simple and outcomes-based there would be no need for CAOs or exemptions. There is no longer the corporate competence to get it done - too many complicators and too few simplifiers involved.

That Act also contains a power to make subordinate legislation. The Civil Aviation Regulations and the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations are subordinate legislation containing laws with which you must comply.

The distribution of subject matters between the and regulations has no connection with any coherent criterion. Some Civil Aviation Orders impose conditions on AOCs and other are notifications of exercises of powers in the Act or regulations - for example, the CAO 95 series contains exemptions from compliance with the regulations.Principles of Marketing - Course Slides - University of Siegen - summer term Topic: Strategic marketing Contents: strategy strategy audit SWOT analysis Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

This idea of focusing on "generic" disaster tasks most likely to be faced in all types of disasters has been embodied in the concept of "comprehensive emergency management" which the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has used in its "Integrated Emergency Management System" (FEMA.

and supplies developed for moderate disasters are a. Different means of communication channels and equipments are l~tilisedto disseminate the warnings quiclcly.

The performance management system of southwest airlines and the interrelation of different processes

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