The guest worker program essay

Should a guest-worker program be expanded? Should a guest-worker program include unauthorized immigrants already living in the United States? Many people who work in the Unites States today come from foreign countries.

The guest worker program essay

Host Country Policies

By John Twint 1. Introduction Undocumented workers most probably are present in every country, and every country is trying to cut the number of its undocumented or illegal workers. But why is it happening? Are undocumented workers ruining economy or supporting it, are they stealing jobs from local people or just taking unattractive jobs?

The guest worker program essay

She told me that usually foreigners are more reliable and responsible and are more afraid of loosing their jobs then American workers. That was the reason why every summer she tried to hire foreigners first and only then American workers.

Is this an example of discrimination?

The guest worker program essay

I would not say so. Employer is interested to hire employees that would be able to perform their job in the best way. It just happened so that in a low paid hard jobs immigrants perform much better then American workers.

Statistics Currently there are 11 million undocumented workers in the USA. The Rocky Mountains, the Midwest, and the Southeast are the high growth regions: There are approximately 4. There are also 4. All undocumented men are in labor force are workingbecause most of them are young and less likely to be disabled, retired, or in school.

This happened because more undocumented women are of childbearing age, and undocumented women are more likely than U. Stereotyped image of undocumented workers It has been said that undocumented workers cause unemployment, overcrowd schools and break law because of fear of deportation.

This stereotyped image of illegal workers was created by numerous Hollywood movies. Undocumented workers were blamed for a lot of things: But do they really cause so many problems?

The Debate Over Guest-Worker Programs

Would a worker move from one country to another if there was no work? And if there is a need for workers in one country, what is bad about foreigners doing this work? This stereotyped image is not the real one. Usually undocumented workers are good people, who move to the United States in order to be able to support their family; these people strive for a better life and do not mean any harm to anyone.

It is not their fault that their country is not able to provide everyone with working places. Going on a low paid hard work is advantageous for an undocumented worker, because this work is unpopular amongst local population.

This way immigrant can easily find work as long as it will be unpopular and low paid. So why do we blame immigrants for stealing our jobs, if these jobs are not popular and people simply do not want to take them.

Maybe immigrants are those people who help us to save our economy?delicate subject known as the guest worker program.

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The question of whether the guest worker members, employed in the H-2A and H-2B programs, are treated fairly and receive fair pay is a one sided argument considering all the evidence and statements from mistreated workers.

The guest worker program was introduced in United States in to attract the much-needed labor at that time in different industries. This program aimed at improving the lives of the immigrants in the United States by offering them opportunities open in the country.

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. When the Southern Poverty Law Center published the first version of this report in , we recommended reform or repeal of the H-2 program.

Unfortunately, even after the enactment of modest reforms in recent years, guestworker programs today are still inherently abusive and unfair to both U.S. and foreign workers. subdividing the H-2 program into the H-2A program and the H-2B program (“Guest Worker Program Overview”).

According to a recent study . The guest worker program is a great starting initiative to fighting illegal immigration, but it would do more damage than reparation.

In this paper I will discuss in detail what the guest worker program is and its implements, and why it should be revised.

I will present numerous arguments as to why the guest worker program portion of the bill should be revised and changed, and will then present a revision. Undocumented workers represent a very important workforce in manufacturing, service, construction, restaurant, and agriculture sectors.

Undocumented workers need these jobs, and these sectors need workers, so in this case immigrants and these jobs need each other.

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