Synthesis of organizational behavior essay

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Synthesis of organizational behavior essay

Organizational Behavior Introduction The 21st century business environment has become more competitive owing to increased globalization and liberalized economies. The economic vulnerability coupled with the threat of competition is continually forcing small-sized business establishments to either integrate vertically or merge in order to increase their capacities, efficiency, and competiveness.

It is prudent to note that organizational behavior lays the foundation for groups and individual interactions within an organization, which has a potential to make or destroy organizations. This behavior accumulates over time to create a highly respected organizational culture, which is usually a network of values and relations dictated by organizational structure Gundry and Rousseau, This paper will present analysis of the CoachingState case where critical comparison of organizational culture and structure of small businesses against that of middle sized-companies will be presented.

Using this Synthesis of organizational behavior essay, the apt organizational culture relevant to CoachingState will be presented and a justification for the choice made.

Adept analysis of the relationship between organizational culture, structure, communication process, and knowledge will also be evaluated.

Synthesis of organizational behavior essay

Recommendations will be backed by appropriate motivational theories. Synopsis of the Case Seven small-sized coaching companies having realized their insufficiencies have come together to form CoachingState a new middle-sized organization anchored of provision of accredited training to business coaches.

Jane is the director of the CoachingState with twenty-one lecturers, and an information technology manager being the rest of the staff.

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Now things have changed, and with entry of middle-sized level, delegation is mandatory. She is new to all these management dynamics that why an advisor me is needed to offer direction and advice to Jane. Organizational Culture and Structure: Small Business versus Middle Sized-Company According to Fard et alorganizational culture is an amalgamation of behaviors, values, and code of ethics that are unique to an organization generating and inherently concrete psychological and social environment for an organization.

Philosophy, expectations, values, and experiences are crucial ingredients of organizational culture, which are anchored on the need to hold the organizations together, improve efficiency, boost image, propel goals, and model future of the organization Jan, The role played by organizational culture remains irreplaceable because of the viability of customs, attitudes, unwritten rule and beliefs in either modeling or destroying an organization.

Organizational structure is the framework used in organizations governance; culture and structure are highly integrated and function as a unit.

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It is prudent to note that organizational culture and structure in small businesses varies from middle-sized ones despite their being overlapping similarities. The Factor of Organizational Culture Organizational culture is a factor of organizational structure.

Synthesis of organizational behavior essay

The structure adopted by a company defines the culture to be cultivated. Generally, there are different organizational cultures adopted as a factor of size and organizational structure. These include clan, adhocracy, hierarchy, and market Line, Small sized companies are better assuming clan and adhocracy cultures while middle-sized companies can adopt adhocracy, hierarchy, or market cultures.The ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Question Bank includes three exam sets, each containing unique questions—the same number of exam-style questions that will appear on the ASQ CMQ/OE exam.

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