Pegs writing a letter

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Pegs writing a letter

pegs writing a letter

Van Gogh as a letter-writer The letters: It can be assumed that Tersteeg was an important formative influence on Vincent, as well as on Theo a couple of years later.

Theo started work in January at the Goupil branch in Brussels, and was transferred to The Hague in November letter For his career as an art dealer see exhib. He trained them, put them in touch with artists, and helped shape their tastes in art and literature. It goes without saying that the brothers wrote to each other about their work.

However, given that they had both chosen the same profession and had similar experiences as young men living in lodgings, it is striking that those exchanges are quite superficial and almost entirely restricted to factual information and brief reports about things that had happened to them.

They occasionally mention a work of art that had come to the gallery or was on its way, and once or twice they asked each other practical questions related to work, but we learn nothing about their day-to-day routines. More generally, too, these early letters, which are very brief compared to the later ones, do not really capture pegs writing a letter imagination.

Even the passages about their favourite subjects, art and literature, are really little more than simple statements of likes and dislikes, with little in the way of elaboration. The letters from the first three years follow more or less the same pattern. If Van Gogh responded to a letter from one of his correspondents, he dealt with it in a couple of short sentences.

He then turned to family news such as illnesses, visits that had taken place and so on. This was followed by something about his own situation or experiences, and he closed with greetings to be passed on to others and the routine request that the correspondent write again.

He was occasionally a bit more informative when he had moved to another location because the sights were new, as when he was transferred to London in June In general, though, the pattern remained roughly the same. The letter-writer in Van Gogh had not yet been unleashed.

This does not mean that we do not get to know him a little. It is clear from the very first letter that he took on the role of the older and wiser brother towards Theo.

pegs writing a letter

He used the correspondence to advise him what he should and should not do to get on in life. He moralized and comforted Theo if he had difficulties at work or mourned the loss of a friend.

And he gave him advice about art and literature. These were his main interests, as is apparent from most of his letters, and for that reason they will be discussed separately from here on. Knowing the classics and being aware of important issues in the world of the arts was part of the bourgeois ideal imparted by their parents that was meant to gain them access to higher circles through self-development.

See The family ethic. But with their eldest son, art and literature gradually became far more than an aid for social intercourse. They became absolutely essential to him.

He needed art and literature in order to get a better understanding of himself, human behaviour and the world around him. One piece of advice that the older brother gave to the younger one was: Nature was a manifestation of a higher order, and was thus associated with art.

The long walks that Van Gogh went on were consequently more than just a pleasant way of passing the time. In the very first letter he refers to the walks that he and Theo had been on when the latter visited him in The Hague.

That must also have been the time when they made their memorable trip to the Rijswijk Mill, which became a glowing memory for both of them and was the seal on their special bond.

See, for example, letters 11, and Throughout his life Van Gogh went on long journeys by foot, not just to get out into the countryside but also to explore cities, to go to work from his lodgings in London three-quarters of an hour each wayto make a pilgrimage from the Borinage to the home of Jules Breton in northern France, and later, as an artist, to go out in search of subjects far from home.

He increasingly peppered his letters with quotations from the Bible and other edifying books. He used the Bible as the measure for all things, the New Testament in particular. The letters began to lose some of their dutiful, conventional nature, and the subjects he touched on increasingly came from his own life and experiences.Find Meetups so you can do more of what matters to you.

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