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As a mother of two twin girls of my own, I felt compelled to pack my bags and make the journey from Germany to Zanzibar to support the development of young children. Pemba, part of the Zanzibar archipelago, is lush and green. For first-time visitors this beautiful paradise can obscurethe fact that 55 percent of the population lives in poverty.

Overview corporate citizenship

Our Values Corporate Citizenship message At KPMG in India, we believe that legacies are not just defined by success in terms of revenues, but by the impact we create within our communities to bring about change for the better.

It has been 25 years since the Firm began its journey in India. We have articulated our purpose in recent years, to Inspire Confidence and Empower Change.

Our work to drive sustainable and inclusive development within communities is a clear example of what we cherish in line with our purpose and values.

Since its inception 13 years ago, our Corporate Citizenship programme has opened several avenues for our people to understand how they can make a difference and leave their mark on impressionable lives through our efforts in education.

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In the task of nation building, we consider this a critical component of our global commitment to Sustainable Development Goals. By empowering the leaders of tomorrow with skills, resources and knowledge through Lifelong Learning, we advance education, instil confidence and build capabilities for the long-term success of communities in India and around the world.

All our programmes focus on the overall development of students and improve their chances of employability. For instance, our Aspire programme benefited over girls across five schools last year.

Overview corporate citizenship

Through Enactus, 40 partners and senior staff mentors had the opportunity to guide students from over 50 colleges across the country, of which Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies emerged as World Cup winners. Driven by the purpose and commitment by our people who volunteered, we are proud to say that over 65, hours were clocked last year to add value to our Corporate Citizenship programme.

We hope to make more meaningful additions to the programme and strive to break through prevalent barriers, prejudices and misconceptions. Every life on this planet deserves a fair chance to unearth their true potential and it is our responsibility to help them discover it.

Overview corporate citizenship

We hope that you find this report informative. Do read about our programmes and their impact. We look forward to hearing your views on how and where we can make a bigger and lasting difference.Citizenship at Darden Today, companies like ours are expected to demonstrate that they are not only operating responsibly within their own business, but also actively working to help find solutions to a range of impacts and issues across their value chains.

Long-term thinking guides everything we do to sustain Microsoft's success and create value for shareholders, now and for the future. Good corporate governance encourages accountability and transparency, and promotes good decision-making to support our business over decades.

Investing isn’t just about money. We believe that how we do things is just as important as what we do.

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Ethical corporate governance, social responsibility, and sustainability are the values we’re committed to living out every day. Corporate citizenship Social responsibility As Nuance’s business has grown, so has our responsibility to keep corporate citizenship at the forefront of our operations.

Corporate Citizenship Making a Difference in our Community. At Lantheus, we are committed to helping healthcare professionals identify disease and improve patient care by providing essential diagnostic imaging agents and products.

Cherokee Nation Strategic Programs offers a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the health care, financial and security needs of you and your family.

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