Obfuscatory writing a cover

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Obfuscatory writing a cover

Good design makes documents easier to use, helps documents stand out from other pieces of information, and lends credibility to document creators. Librarians across library types and departments provide instruction and training materials to co-workers and library users.

For these materials to be readable and accessible, they must follow guidelines for usable document design. Improving document usability requires a basic understanding of accessibility and Universal Design for Learning, plus a few simple tips found in Gestalt and plain language principles.

Using Gestalt principles helps connect concepts within the document in a coherent way. Plain language principles emphasize clarity in writing. Keeping the needs of people with visual, motor, and cognitive impairments in mind when creating a document can also improve readability for all users.

The authors will demonstrate how adhering to these principles will improve accessibility and functionality of library documentation for everyone who uses them. They will also direct readers to resources to help librarians create usable documentation for library processes and procedures.

As a profession, we should be mindful of the impact of intentionally incorporating usability and accessibility in our practices.

Librarians can adopt a document design approach that proactively considers accessibility needs when creating documentation, rather than performing retroactive modifications upon request by a user.

Kumbier and Starkey, ; Guest Pryal, After reading this article, librarians will have tools to make sustainable improvements to their document design processes. Document Accessibility Accessibility is not accommodation. Accessibility is the deliberate provision of access through a thoughtful awareness of the multiple ways in which our users might need to interact with our resources.

Accommodation puts the burden on our users. When we design resources without considering different abilities or resources that are inaccessible to whole segments of our population, we exclude some of our users from full participation in library services Williams, ; Copeland, Text-based library services include discovery tools, subject guides, electronic resources and documentation about how to use these services.

obfuscatory writing a cover

If we as a profession do not design our resources to be inclusive of as many people as possible, we may be creating barriers to learning instead of offering pathways. Library employees also need to be considered.

While specific accommodations are negotiated with local human resources offices in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADAthis again puts the burden on the person with disabilities to self-disclose and to go through the bureaucratic accommodations process.

Imagine how much easier things would be on everyone if we designed documents with inclusivity in mind. Making utilitarian or rule-based ethical evaluations of accessibility are unnecessarily limiting.

Also, due to stereotypes of people with disabilities, individuals may be hesitant to declare an accessibility need. We should proactively create tools and resources to benefit the widest community of users possible. This includes both internal and external documentation.

Universal Design for Learning Universal Design for Learning UDL is a curriculum development method that strives to proactively provide inclusive opportunities for the widest range of learners possible through multiple avenues of representation, expression, and engagement.

Practitioners of UDL are advised to ask two questions about design choices as they create instructional materials: How does the design choice help learners meet the goals of the learning situation?

How does the design account for learner variability? UDL co-exists with accessibility. Neither practice requires us to develop more content. Instead, they ask us to be intentional about the content we produce and seek to identify the multiple ways content users might approach the materials.

Throughout this article, we will make a case for asking these questions during the document design process to ensure design choices are purposeful and accessible. Gestalt theory and documentation In this section, we will present design recommendations that come out of Gestalt theory.

These principles help us understand how people make sense of visual information, which can guide our display decisions.obfuscatory \ äb-ˈfə-skə-ˌtȯr- The rest of obfuscate comes from Latin fuscus, which means "dark brown" and is distantly related to our word dusk.

Examples of obfuscate in a Sentence. Politicians keep obfuscating the issues. Their explanations only serve to obfuscate and confuse.

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