My journey to become a volleyball player

She has a brother, Brack, who is a chef and featured on an episode of Chopped on the Food Network.

My journey to become a volleyball player

This is also a chance for me to give back to local communities, schools and athletic programs. His attitude and willingness to ask questions and improve is impressive.

My journey to become a volleyball player

He also reminds me to wear my down marker, which I tend to forget. Football, Basketball "I love sports in general and having played basketball, it provided me the opportunity to officiate in the Legacy Program. Jeremy is an intelligent student of the game and adapts well.

He listens, learns and has shown to be a genuine asset to the officiating regime. Basketball, Track, Cross Country "It allows you to be outside, stay active, and involved with kids. I have a passion for sports. We also started an officiating class for baseball, football and basketball.

Basketball, Football, Track "You understand a sport much more when you are officiating. Making judgement calls, seeing the play as it happens from a different viewpoint. I also like staying close to the game. Now that they are accomplished officials in their own right, it has been a pleasure to work with another new official, Kevin McKerr.

Football, Basketball, Baseball "I really like just officiating the game in general.

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My favorite aspect is a toss-up; watching the girls improve through the season, or seeing their joyous celebration after a spectacular play. AJ is a pleasure to work with and will be a very good official.

He is poised and composed.

My journey to become a volleyball player

Football, Baseball, Basketball "I love helping out kids do what they love. Basketball, Volleyball, Softball "I like getting involved in school events with Mr.

Pargeon who not only coaches me in basketball, but also helps me understand officiating as my mentor. Basketball, Softball "Refereeing with Mr. Pargoen teaches me new facets of the game. I appreciate other officials when I play.

Basketball, Soccer, Track, Cross Country "As an avid sports fan, I like how officiating has provided me with a way to be involved in sports without being a player. I like how officiating has provided me the ability to help younger athletes understand the game.

By doing this, I like how I am able to learn more about game situtations. Football, Wrestling "I love watching kids play hard and learn about the sport they are playing.The Official Website of LSU's Athletics Department located in Baton Rouge, La., and founded in Bucks County's premier functional training facility.


Known for weight loss, group fitness, athletic training and personal training, Nex Level Fitness is not an ordinary gym.

"I'm constantly on my laptop watching game film and instructional videos and doing everything possible to immerse myself in volleyball.

I'm a sports nerd, so I sit around all the time and read. Misty Elizabeth May-Treanor (born July 30, ) is a retired American professional beach volleyball player. She is a three-time Olympic gold medalist, and as of August , the most successful female beach volleyball player with individual championship wins in domestic and international competition..


Misty May-Treanor . Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. "I've been forutnate enough to train with Jeremy and Finish First for almost 20 years.

His training system specifically addressed my needs as a developing youth hockey player and changed to specifically address my needs as I matured as a player throughout juniors, college, and the pros.

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