Marketing management ikea asda essay

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Marketing management ikea asda essay

Marketing in the twenty-first century has become an integral part of every business organization irrespective of the nature of its business. This is apparently due to the stiff competition and the increase in globalisation as well as the continuous innovation in the process of marketing itself through deploying latest IT based tools and infrastructure.

The fact that any business operates mainly around its customers and only when the business is functioning with the customer as the primary element; it can achieve competitive advantage in the market. This essay is focused on the argument by Jean-Jacques Lambin that, marketing is a business philosophy and an action orientated process which is valid for every organisation in contact with its constituency of users.

The essay aims to justify that marketing in the current business environment should not only be perceived as an operational factor of the organization and that the organization must strategically deploy the concept of marketing on an organization wide basis in order to be successful in the business.

The essay provides an overview of the operational marketing and compares it with the benefits of strategic marketing with an organizational perspective. The report then presents a critical analysis on the strategic marketing with examples from various organizations within and outside UK so as to develop a profound understanding on the topic under debate.

Operational Marketing The process of marketing in the operational perspective as argued by Philip Kotler focuses mainly on gaining the attention of the target customers and effectively completing a sale in order to generate Marketing management ikea asda essay.

The marketing process so perceived is mainly restricted to the operational level i.

Marketing management ikea asda essay

Apparently, the knowledge gained about the products and services offered by the organization as well as uninterrupted communication are lost in this case. During the initial stages of marketing when it originated as a simple advert on the television during the s, it was perceived that marketing is just a method to communicate the products of the company as opposed to enhancing the entire business and developing new markets.

This perception was the main reason for the operational way of marketing as argued by Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettit who say that marketing in the early years was primarily concerned to just convey the message about new products to the customers and was treated as yet another operational department within the organization.

Alongside, it is clear that the competition in the markets is continuously increasing with the growing level of globalisation in every sphere of business. Hence, mere communication about the product details is no longer successful as a marketing strategy and the need to deploy marketing at the managerial level in par with the top level management is essential in order to clearly define the goals and strategies of the marketing mix i.

Apart from the fact of communication, a business can perform effectively only when it considers the customer as the topmost element of the business process itself as identified by Philip Kotler This is essential in order to not only identify new customers but mainly to retain the existing customers itself.

When marketing is considered as an operational process, the company fails to put the customer as the key for business and thus lacks effectiveness in the communication, which is the heart of marketing.

This makes it clear that it is high time for any organization to consider marketing as a strategic element of the business rather than treating it as an operational part.

Other services that we offer Marketing IKEA offered value for money to their customers which keep their customers returning for further also leading to an increase in its customer basic. The business produce furniture on a huge scale therefore these were in a position to take advantage of economies of scale and subsequently reduce cost to their customers.
Analysis of Asda - Free Business Essay - Essay UK Morrisons Resource -Based View Analysis Apart from external factors there are some internal factors affecting business which the company should be more careful. The organization should give equal factors to the internal factors like External factors.
Not what you're looking for? Morrisons Resource -Based View Analysis Apart from external factors there are some internal factors affecting business which the company should be more careful. The organization should give equal factors to the internal factors like External factors.
They carefully select the manufacturer of its products.

JSainsbury Plc, which is a popular supermarket chain in the UK, faced continuous loss in the past few years. Alongside, it is also clear that JSainsbury was spending heavily on marketing but just failed to make it effective due to the lack of strategic insight into the target market.

The consumers oversaw the fact that the company is focused on providing high quality products to its customers when the products were not priced and communicated effectively i.

Further analysis on the JSainsbury Plc and the strategic marketing is presented to the reader in the next section.

The poor performance of the Procter and Gamble in the Asian market during the year was essentially because of the fact that the company failed to identify the customer needs and tailor its products based on the needs of the customers.

Main Strategic Developments At Ikea Marketing Essay

The lack of the strategic thinking in product customisation and understanding of the demography has proved fatal for even the FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods conglomerate.

From the above arguments it is clear that the deployment of marketing as an operational element of business is no longer successful in the increasingly competitive environment.

The next section on strategic market provides insight on applying the marketing concept in a strategic perspective and discusses the advantages with examples. Strategic Marketing The concept of strategic marketing revolves around the primary idea of organizational involvement and planning.

Hence a brief analysis on these areas is presented before proceeding to analyse the advantages of strategic marketing in business environments.Read this essay on Asda Marketing Mix Proposal.

ASDA is involved in marketing of grocery, general merchandise; financial services & has recently introduced mobile. ASDA has the slogan as- 'Britain's lowest priced supermarket'. The main promotional activity of ASDA is their low price strategy. To formulate, implement and execute a successful marketing strategy, ASDA management and marketing decision makers have to understand these two types of environments. (ASDA, ) Internal Environment. The internal environment of an organization is inside of organization. The marketing promotion of ASDA is fundamentally made on price. ASDA is setting up itself on the base of their slogan ‘Britain’s Lowest Priced Supermarket’. A Framework for Marketing Image Management Review Essay A Framework for Nur Amirah Bt Sarudian A Framework for Marketing Image Management This paper focusing on.

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Marketing management ikea asda essay

ASDA should use a supply chain management. Providing supply chain training. By increasing dependency of supplier .

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Marketing Audit Essay. Introduction The focus of this report would be to assess the marketing activities of SONY Corporation, focusing on one of its particular product which is the Playstation Portable, which is also known as PSP for short.

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IKEA through its value string continue steadily to add value to its product and spread this value to customers without increasing the price tag on its products which type of service that was responsible for customers being faithful to IKEA and its brand and this was a significant strength of IKEA.

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