How do you write a report to your boss

It can repair just about anything. Most people do not make mistakes on purpose. An Apology Letter is a letter that is written to acknowledge a mistake and ask for forgiveness for the same. An Apology Letter should always be written when the writer is genuinely sorry.

How do you write a report to your boss

Let us now go through the five different kinds of reports.

how do you write a report to your boss

The following refers to any routine progress report: A progress report is different from a situation report sitrep in that a sitrep merely states what has happened and what was done about it during the reporting period.

A progress report, in contrast, relates activities to objectives. The most important source of information about any project can be the routine monthly progress reports, if they are done the right way. The donors, the headquarters of the implementing agencies, the leaders in the target group, and the agencies monitoring the project and administering the donors' funds, all need to know how well and how much the project activities have led to attaining the project objectives.

The most important distinction you can make, therefore, is to distinguish between: Your activities inputsand The results of those activities outputs or effects on the target group.

Although progress reports may differ among several formats, somehow that distinction must be made. Design your report with two major headings: A common mistake made by many beginners is to think that all they have to do is to report their activities.

A good progress report is not merely a descriptive activity report, but must analyse the results of those reported activities. The analysis should answer the question, "How far have the project objectives been reached?

Always review the project objectives before writing any monthly progress report. Usually these are found in the "Project Document" ProDoc. In the analytical component of your report, you could list those objectives, each as a separate section with a separate sub title, and write an analysis of how well you have moved towards meeting each objective.

Where you have not reached the objective, or if you have over reached or under reached any quantitative aspect of it, you should include an explanation of why. A detailed monthly narrative report should include how far each of the intended objectives have been reached, what were the reasons they were not fully reached, any lessons learned, and suggestions and reasons about changing the objectives if they were found to need changing.

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The narrative report can include information about events and inputs what actions were undertaken, see belowbut should emphasize outputs the results of those actions in so much as they lead to achieving the stated objectives.

Attention should be paid to the number and location of beneficiaries. The monthly report would best be organized into sections corresponding to the sections of the proposal. As well as narrative reporting, there is the financial reporting.

Identifying The Problem

A detailed monthly financial report should include what moneys were received and from where, 1 what moneys were expended, listed line by line according to the budget categories in the proposal, reasons for over- or under- spending, and an assessment of how well the expenditures contributed to reaching the stated objectives of the project.

We recommend that a CBO obtain resources funds from several sources. Do not let the organisation or group become dependent upon a single donor. Look at the difference between a community project report and a community mobilizer's report; remember that their objectives are different.

The community project objectives should be simple, such as "to build a school," or "to rehabilitate a water supply. A mobilizer's objectives are different from the objectives of a community based project, so progress reporting on reaching objectives will be different.

In simple terms, the desired result of the work of a mobilizer is a mobilized community. The job description of a mobilizer is to mobilize; and that encompasses several elements eg.

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This intervention involves three important elements: Community management training first raises awareness for the need of transparent accountability; ways in which all community members can see for themselves that the received resources are actually directed to the project and not diverted to other things.

Then the training goes on to the "How" of transparent financial accountability, the keeping of accurate double entry ledgers, the linking of receipts to entries, the production of accurate and valid financial statements and budget outcomes.

Here is a matrix that relates mobilizers' usual objectives with what should be included in mobilizers' reports. Reporting on Mobilizers' Objectives Desired Results.This is important because when you approach your boss about a problem with a co-worker, a good manager is likely to ask what you’ve tried to do to address it.

If you haven’t tried to resolve. In the first line thank your boss for granting you the leave and state the dates involved. In the second line, you can perhaps mention the reason for the leave and what you will be doing during this time. I assure you I will report to the respective organization soon after the the leaves.

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how do you write a report to your boss

So many of the emails we write are for a handful of simple reasons, and by relying on a model you can avoid wasting time thinking how to start, what to write and how to structure your email. A classic example of a common email is writing to somebody because we want them to do something for us. Mar 01,  · Ending a report Dear teacher, When I write something like a message, a letter or a report to my boss, how should I end the message/letter/report?

Most important, in your own organization, it is probably best to see what style others typically use and then do it the same way. Whatever your boss wants/expects is probably what you should use.

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Download the Weekly Status Report attheheels.comx file here. Then, open Priority Matrix (you may need to start a trial first, which you can do on our home page, or by entering your .

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