Hcs 350 personal and professional health care

History[ edit ] On March 3,Thomas L. Jennings became the first African-American to be granted a United States patent. The patent was for his invention of a cleaning process called "dry scouring", which was the precursor to dry cleaning. The use of highly flammable petroleum solvents caused many fires and explosions, resulting in government regulation of dry cleaners.

Hcs 350 personal and professional health care

Dependence on supplemental oxygen Z His comorbidities of severe COPD and depression are coded as they have the potential to impact his recovery. Since the skin donor site is also receiving care, Z His use of supplemental oxygen is coded with Z March Bone up on anatomy knowledge to keep fracture coding accurate, efficient Save time in your search for a fractured wrist code in the alphabetic index by scrolling first to the subterm "carpal bone" underneath "fracture, traumatic" before searching for the specific bone, such as pisiform, which will take you directly to the correct code S Robust knowledge of bone anatomy is a key skill for accurate and efficient coding of fractures particularly in light of the sheer number of available code options, says Trish Twombly, HCS-D, senior director for DecisionHealth in Gaithersburg, Md.

No single code for a generic "wrist fracture" exists.


Thus, a coder who knows that the pisiform and scaphoid are two of the eight separate bones that make up the wrist, which are known as the carpal bones, will be able to efficiently move through the index and quickly pinpoint the specific section of the tabular where the correct code will be found.

Note that codes for fractured scaphoid bones are found in a separate subcategory S GGC is important partly because the item is involved in risk-adjusting the quality measure "Percent of residents or patients with pressure ulcers that are new or worsened. A portion of the training walks home health agencies and other post-acute providers through scenarios about how to fill out GGC.

Hcs 350 personal and professional health care

Sandel says most clinicians are hands-on, visual learners, so she recommends agencies compile the scenarios and act them out during a training session for clinicians.

A dash also is an acceptable response but would be used rarely, in situations such as if a patient transfers or dies before the assessment occurs.

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For example, the training states, agencies should mark 09 if the patient has a pre-existing and ongoing need of a mechanical lift and is unable to sit on the side of the bed even with assistance. Meanwhile, a clinician would mark 88 due to a new medical issue or safety concerns.

She is admitted to home health for nursing and physical therapy for the fracture. She also has severe chronic pain unrelated to the fracture and recently started on a new opiate analgesic medication, which will require monitoring.Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Paper: defines healthcare communication; discusses the relevancy of effective personal healthcare communication with other healthcare professionals, clients, patients.

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Hcs 350 personal and professional health care

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Free Essay: Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Dorcas Gray HCS/ October 14, Tracy D. Andrews Personal and Professional Health Care.

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