Good leader is a good follower

Can leaders be followers too?

Good leader is a good follower

More importantly that that, though, they know how to follow. Although it might seem the opposite, leading and following are not mutually exclusive ideas.

After all, how can you empathize with your team if you are not a good follower?

Good leader is a good follower

To lead from the back of the pack, here are three rules to get you started: Lead by Following Rule 1: One of the best ways to lead is by putting yourself in the shoes of your followers.

Ask yourself the following questions: How do you want to be treated? What will make you feel empowered and engaged? What do you need to succeed? In addition to considering your audience of followers, remember to apply your own experiences as a follower. What made a difference to you then?

As you lead by following, when you turn the table—and imagine yourself on the other side—your leadership will be more relevant, more personal, and more powerful. Lead by Following Rule 2: When you lead by following, you recognize that everyone is united in the effort to meet goals—both individual and group.

As an effective leader, you need to be collaborative, approachable, transparent, and selfless. Lead by Following Rule 3: Build Your Skills The last rule for how to lead by following is to always keep learning. The most effective coaches have their own coaches who help them continue to grow and learn.

When you forget what it feels like to be a follower, you lose your effectiveness as a leader. The valuable skills you developed—and continue to develop—as a follower are essential to being a good leader, and to your ability to lead by following.

Good Leader, Better Follower

Think about diplomacy and the ability to get along with others who have different ideas. Then last, but certainly not least, is the importance of personal accountability. As a a follower, your group can count on you to deliver on your commitments and take responsibility for your actions.

As a leader, your followers should be able to do the same. Want to learn more about leadership? Be sure to follow me on social media.I am realizing that being a good follower is characteristic of being a good leader. In fact, leadership and followership are inextricably tied.

In fact, leadership and followership are inextricably tied. Four, good followers are good at giving specific feedback. Feedback focuses on actions. It tells leaders, in specific ways, what you appreciate and find helpful about their way of leading.

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Being a great leader means also being a great follower and supporter of others. I think leaders need to take turns sometimes in stepping back and allowing others on the team to lead.

Those leaders who are able to feel confident enough to empower others to lead will create the most high performing teams.

If you’re a leader and you fill the role of a follower, you’ll never be fulfilled, and if you’re a follower and take on the role of a leader, you’ll be stressed out to the max.

Settle your inner debate once and for all by taking this leadership quiz. Your definition of a good follower is that of a leader pretending to follow. A good follower is a person who delivers more than requested, quicker than committed and at a quality level exceeding.

Executive Summary. Leadership is a process that emerges from a relationship between leaders and followers. People will be more effective leaders when their behaviors indicate that they are one of.

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