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McClellan aggressively represents clients in all aspects of litigation. She focuses on large-loss and highly litigated or complex claims, including Labor Code section a, serious and willful misconduct, and subrogation claims. McClellan effectively handles applicant, doctor, and witness depositions, conferences, arbitrations, mediations, and trials. She prepares Medicare analysis and Set-Aside arrangements for several national clients.

Essays defense teams attorney

August 23, It surely is a sign of some great cosmic conspiracy that Jacques Verges, one of the most famous defense attorneys of all timea man who unapologetically defended the Khmer Rouge, Carlos the Jackal, and countless other international villains and rogues, would die the very same week that Abbe Smith and Monroe H.

Not the wrongly accused or convicted either—even the harshest critics understand defending the innocent. The Question refers instead to the representation of guilty criminals who have committed acts of violence or depravity.

Anyone—everyone-- is entitled to a defense, and to a lawyer, because our rule of law is based upon the premise that the State must prove its case against a person beyond a reasonable doubt and because the history of the world, and of America, teaches us that the State is quite often wrong, or worse, when it accuses someone of crime.

The principle of that—like the presumption of innocence or the right to confront a witness against you—is more important than is the result of any single case.

In the same way that the Bill of Rights was designed to act as a counterbalance to the enumerated power of government enshrined in the Constitution, defense attorneys generally see themselves as a counterbalance to the whims and caprices of popular will.

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It is not just the police and prosecutor who oppose the defendant. In many instances it is society itself. Someone does have to do it—to represent the accused and the unpopular, the scorned and despised—in order for our constitutional principles to succeed. Why do we need defense attorneys?

Darrow knew the answer years ago—and I submit the answer has not changed to this day. From a letter to the editor he wrote about the shooting of Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison, a piece that appeared in the November 18, issue of The Chicago Herald: Everyone realizes the terrible nature of the deed and the frightful consequences of the act.

Essays defense teams attorney

Nothing can be said or done to make the calamity less or greater or to unmake the facts that are beyond recall. Heaping reproaches upon the miserable being who took his life cannot help the dead or alleviate the sorrows of his family and friends.

Essays defense teams attorney

It seems as if the whole community had gone mad at the sight of blood and were ready to forget the better instincts that it was supposed civilization had developed in mankind. Others, that all is needed now is a piece of rope and that no time should be wasted in a trial of the case….

Under the laws of Illinois, if this man were crazy he is not guilty of a crime. Can we afford to sweep away the law because a great majority believe a prisoner has no right to live? Shall a majority say that the law shall be ignored when they believe the necessities demand?

If this be the case, then there is no longer need for law. If the law is not strong enough to protect the humblest and weakest citizen it deserves the contempt of all. What Darrow said then is no less true today.

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Article shared by. The profession of law is very old indeed, as old as human . Free Essays on Motivational Theories Most Used In The Criminal Justice System To Deter Criminal Action for students.

Are approved by the U.S. attorney general and apply to the Drug Enforcement Administration and other Department of Justice agencies. Finding Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers That You Can Count On. A defense attorney is a lawyer who provides legal representation for a person who has been arrested and charged for breaking the law or when an individual been served with a lawsuit.

For example, when another individual filing the lawsuit goes after money for damages or justifiable relief of some sort. Jul 18,  · Stephen Lam via Getty Images California Attorney General Xavier Becerra comes under criticism in the new motion filed by a defense attorney in the Orange County jailhouse informant case.

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