Diary entry assassination of the archduke

On the morning of June 28 the couple and the official party left the hotel and took a short train ride to Sarajevo. They then changed to open-top touring cars for a well publicized procession through the town. The royal couple was in the second car.

Diary entry assassination of the archduke

If the right person is successfully killed, the whole political climate of a nation, or even the whole world, could change overnight. But looking back on history we see many famous assassinations that changed history forever.

We see failed assassinations that almost changed history, like the attempts made against Adolf Hitler. But remember that assassinations have been the cause of wars, famines, and the fall of great kingdoms. And it can happen today too — just think what would happen if the dictator of North-Korea was assassinated.

Here are ten famous assassinations that changed history forever. Archduke Franz Ferdinand The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand triggered a series of events that led to the outbreak of the first world war.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was heir to the throne of Austo-Hungary, which was an incredibly powerful empire at the time. Inhe was shot dead by a member of a terrorist group in Bosnia known as the Black Hand.

Diary entry assassination of the archduke

Bosnia was part of the Empire, and the assassination was as part of a demand for Bosnian independence. Austo-Hungary declared war on Serbia in response to the assassination, as the assassins were supported by the Serbs.

This was literally how the first world war started. Russia stepped in to defend Serbia, and then all the other countries got involved. Garfield When it comes to famous assassinations people tend to think of Abraham Lincoln, but there was another US President assassinated 16 years later.

He was James A. Garfield, a president aiming to improve the position of the African-American population through government assistance. Some people disagreed with him, as it was the 19th century still.

Diary entry assassination of the archduke

Ina man hid in the ladies changing room at the rail station he knew James A. He then emerged with a revolver, and shot Garfield in the back. It was a fatal shot. The assassin failed to escape the station, and was soon hanged to death.

Pemulwuy Pemulwuy was an Australian Aboriginal leader, he showed strong opposition to the British colonization of Australia. Little is known about him, but he was born around38 years prior to the beginning of the colonization of Australia by the British. He led a gorilla war against the British settlers, that only ended with his assassination 12 years later.

His death finally came when the local British governor ordered that a sailor be given the task of finding and killing Pemulwuy. He was shot dead, and his head was removed to be kept as a trophy. His son continued the resistance to the British until he himself died too in The family ruled over the city-state of Florence, and were loved by their people — but not everyone loved them.

Inhe was stabbed 19 times by a sword. This changed history as he was the co-ruler of Florence, along with his brother, and Florence was one of the most influential places of the 15th century. The plan of the assassins was to kill both brothers, so the city would be without a ruler. But one brother survived the attack.

The assassins were then themselves killed by the horrified crowd surrounding them.Dec 19,  · On social media, many drew parallels to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, which helped set off World War I — a comparison that analysts, thankfully, reject.

Diary Entry Of October 12th Albert Carpenter tells his diary about his physical condition during the month of October, "my lungs are very sore and threw up blood. Took charge of tellephone at 2 am on duty till 12 pm th infantry goes over the top. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo on 28 June initiated a month of unsuccessful diplomatic attempts to avoid war.

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Although it was the assassination of the Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdinand that led to the outbreak of world war one in August , the actual causes of the war were more complicated.

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