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While there are several legal and technical mechanisms that can be put in place for protecting IP assets of enterprises, employee loyalty remains one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises in protecting their IP. This article discusses the need for enterprises to build strong employee loyalty as a key element in thier strategy for protecting trade secrets.

Communication in sme

Small and Medium Enterprises.

Communication in sme

The role of the unit has been emphasized regarding the enhancement of SME Banking. In this course, participants get introduced to the role of small and medium enterprises in economic development and bank financing. They will also get trained on how to recognize, assess and mitigate the risks associated with lending such enterprises.

This course will explain the compelling importance for entering or further developing SME banking for banks in Egypt; teach the key techniques and success factors at international best practices which are needed to make profits in SME banking; and map out an implementation plan, including change management techniques, for moving forward on SME banking.

The course aims at explaining the product development process cycle, introduce participants to the different tools of building a competitive product range. The participants also, get a chance to illustrate the methods of analyzing SME product client matrix and explain the success factors in international best practices needed for effective SME banking.

More emphasis will be given to determine how to market SME products and services. All participants will get acquainted with the procedures of delivering SME banking products.

This course will enable bankers to understand the fundamental causes of risk in SME banking and the tools, processes and organization required to manage those risks. The course also exposes participants to the success factors and international best practice needed for effective SME banking risk management.

In this course, participants will acquire the basic skills required for the preparation process of setting up a new or reforming an existing Small and Medium Enterprise Banking Business Line in their banks. This will be done through preparing a strategic plan and a business plan for this business line.

This course is designed for Branch Managers Communication in sme the banking sector. Participants will also get acquainted with the impact of the banking sector in enhancing the SME market. Branch Managers will learn new tools and Communication in sme to enhance the Small and Medium Enterprises credit portfolio.

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This course is designed to increase knowledge and improve the skills of microfinance officers to become acquainted with the basic principles for the success of microfinance.

The course focuses on the importance of identifying the best practices for microfinance, the funding cycle of individual and portfolio management success. Moreover, the course highlights the role of credit officers in promoting and reducing credit risk; taking into consideration the importance of offering the various methods of funding and their objectives as well as assesses the client and the facility.

This course is designed to increase the scientific and practical skills of microfinance staff in relation to problem-solving and decision making.

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This course contributes to furnishing participants with the characteristics of phenomena and identifies the causes of problems and the alternative solutions, which should be ranked based on priorities, in order to select the best and most appropriate solutions according to the nature of the problem and the time element.

This helps in supporting and stimulating microfinance facilitation, since it is the central pivot in the system of sustainable development. This course is designed specifically to provide bankers; working in microfinance units, with the necessary helping tools to develop their skills, taking into account the importance of delinquency management and the pricing of interest.

The course aims at securing a successful future for the bank and reduces the delinquency risks, which affect the pricing of interest. Hence, they affect the continuity of banks in providing financial services for micro-sector industries.

This course is designed for all staff working in retail banking departments or staff responsible for dealing with microfinance in banks and institutions. The course focuses on increasing scientific and practical skills of bankers about the foundations and the importance of effective communication, which helps participants to identify the elements and constraints of communication and the ways to avoid them.

In addition to raising the efficiency of human cadres and developing the staff working in the microfinance units, for the important reason of developing the skills of communication and persuasion; provided the nature of different customers in order to move forward in the revitalization of banking services for microenterprises as the central pivot in the programs of economic and social development.

The course focuses on the importance of good planning and organizational effective structure; follow the principles of modern management, where supervision and guidance and follow-up are at the core. It focuses, also, on the importance of delegating authority to facilitate the management process.

This course helps trainees in identifying the characteristics of a good manager and work as a team to achieve the objectives of the bank. Such program includes the essential parts of planning techniques, marketing philosophy and selecting the appropriate product development to fulfill the requirements of SME; with respect to international best practices for operations and risk management.

Moreover, this certificate will allow the participants to understand the role of risk management within a modern financial institution and gain an overview of the main approaches used to measure credit, market and operational risks.

Particular emphasis will be given to the various approaches proposed in the new Basel accord. The SME unit provides assistance to banks in the field of SME Banking to help them set up SME banking within their operations with the necessary infrastructure and tools to facilitate the process of extending good quality lending to the SME sector.

Technical Advisory takes place through: Long Term Interventions Up scaling Model: The data base was launched in February to be used by all banks in order to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of the SME sector.

You can access the portal through: SMEs Portal Conferences and seminars The SME unit delivers a diversified number of events that features international experts who share their global expertise on topics of particular relevance to the Egyptian agenda of the banking sector.

Also, among the objectives of the forum is to asses banks training needs in SME banking to set our training plan accordingly.With member countries, staff from more than countries, and offices in over locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

August 22 For the past six months, following a meeting in Madrid, a task force of leading public relations and communication management organizations has been exploring a new set of principles in ethical practice and exploring ways to promote ethical conduct.

Measuring Interpersonal Communication Competence in SME Internationalization

Tata Communications spearheads Centre for Digital Transformation with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Digital infrastructure provider selected as principal partner by national committee setup to support India’s economic growth. The SME Volunteer Leader Toolkit is designed to help you be a more effective volunteer leader.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to contribute to this toolkit, please email [email protected] Award Categories. The HRM Awards are open to all Singapore-based employers from the private and public sectors - including all MNCs, local companies, government agencies and SMEs etc*.

What is ICTA. Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka is the head ICT agency of Sri Lanka and is responsible for implementing all ICT projects initiated by the government.

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