Commuitarian vs individualistic

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Commuitarian vs individualistic

Meekins Copyright The Coming of The Killer Beavers A Lanham, Maryland man found his property endangered by a duo of busy beavers the literal bucktoothed dam-building kind. Concerned over the fate of his property, he called various agencies for help.

With the same efficiency and customer service typically characterizing the Internal Revenue Service, the government ignored his plea for help. However, had this taxpayer solved his own problem by eliminating these pesky rodents, the government would have responded without delay by imposing punitive fines or by issuing an arrest warrant.

The Declaration of Independence informs that governments are instituted among men and the Gettysburg Address teaches that governments are by and for the people. Neither document says anything about animals, as cute though they may be.

Unfortunately, the bureaucrats paid hefty salaries to handle these problems are too busy daydreaming up new ways to further limit property rights.

What is a Communitarian?

And, by the way, like most exotic foods, beaver probably tastes a bit like chicken. Return of the Killer Beavers The dictionary defines hypocrisy as a pretense of having publicly approved attitudes, beliefs, or principles that one does not possess.

One might say that this definition characterizes the state of environmental policy at the various levels of government. This is even evident examining something as mundane as Metropolitan Washington Area beaver policy. While most Washingtonians are content to gaze upon the Tidal Basin cherries, some arboreal aficionados quite literally decided to sink their teeth into their enjoyment of these natural Commuitarian vs individualistic.

Over the course of about a week, several beavers chewed their way through a number of cherry trees, felling some and damaging others. The Park Service Commuitarian vs individualistic decided to trap and relocate the perpetrators.

While the government is free to take the steps necessary to protect the cherries, average citizens are not so privileged when it comes to keeping these marauding rodents at bay. Astute readers will recall the plight of the Lanham, Maryland resident mentioned on the previous page whose yard was under siege by this neighboring branch of the Cleaver clan.

The common good versus individual rights

But when government property is threatened, park officials are allowed to go so far as to deploy helicopters in an attempt to drive off the Tidal Basin beavers. The American people are constantly barraged with propaganda that they are the ones intruding upon nature and its denizens as if mankind belonged nowhere upon the earth.

Some animal rights enthusiasts block efforts to thin suburban deer populations posing a danger to commuter traffic. These radicals invoke the ideas of philosopher Peter Singer, the environmental ethicist claiming a boy is no better than a pig and that parents have a right to kill their children several days after birth.

If the American people are to be held hostage by the very creatures over which they are to exercise dominion, then the government should be bound by the same restrictions it imposes on the remainder of society. If a beaver ruining my yard is simply the course of nature over which we humans have no right to interfere, it does not matter if a beaver decides to wreak havoc among the cherry trees and then take on the Washington Monument for dessert.

For after all, in many ways our homes are just as important as any government building or property. Tree Wars Many advocating environmental preservation restrictions are missing the proverbial forest for the trees the forest of American liberty and property rights that is.

Commuitarian vs individualistic

Trees on private property belong to their owners who should be able to dispose of this commodity as they see fit. After all, the last time I checked, the people pay the property taxes, not the trees. The regulation of private property in such a manner is a betrayal of the individual rights that made this country great.

Measures infringing upon these kinds of freedoms incorporate into the American body politic Marxist notions that have brought abject failure to other nations around the world.

Maybe these radical arborists would rather live in Red China than a free America. A civic tree board was then empowered to determine whether taxpayers could remove trees from the property to which the residents held title.

Many up until now have not been willing to admit that socialism has found its new home in facets of the environmental movement. No longer is the revolutionary vanguard concerned with the plight of the proletariat. Private property is the fundamental right ensuring the continuation of all others.

The First and Second Amendments are merely mechanisms whereby this liberty is secured. Key to this notion of property as the bedrock of liberty is the right to utilize it as one sees fit within reasonable and unobtrusive limits. While admitting that one should not cultivate mosquito birthing pools, the citizen should enjoy broad powers to landscape their holdings so as to render pleasure for themselves.

Felling privately held trees on residential property in no way constitutes a threat to the ozone layer.The attack on America’s homeland clearly demonstrated the need to trim the individualistic excesses of the previous generation (–) and make more room for the public interest in.

In order to truly grasp the difference between liberalism and communitarianism, you first have to understand that these two theories have a very different ontological conception of the individual.

And this disagreement regarding ontological featur. Communitarianism, entry in Britannica, primary contribution by Amitai Etzioni. Communitarianism, entry in the Civic Dictionary at the Civic Practices Network (CPN), prepared by Carmen Sirianni and Lewis Friedland.

The ABCs of Communitarianism, article byFareed Zakaria at Slate. What the Communitarians Stand For, compiled by Niki Raapana. Communitarianism Vs. Individualism. Sources: Communitarianism and Individualism (Oxford Readings in Politics and Government) by Shlomo Avineri (Editor) Communitarianism: A New Public Ethics by Markate Daly (Editor) Individualism and Collectivism (New Directions in Social Psychology) by Harry Charalambos Triandis.

Communitarianism is a philosophy that emphasizes the connection between the individual and the overriding philosophy is based upon the belief that a person's social identity and personality are largely molded by community relationships, with a smaller degree of development being placed on individualism.

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Individualistic Ideologies A Comparative Analysis: Norway Vs. United States The intent of this paper is to examine individualistic and communitarian cultural ideologies within two distinctly different political environments. The first challenge in comparing two nations is deciding which approach is most appropriate.

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