Case study hydro generation

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Case study hydro generation

Click on any of the links to the left to learn more about our experience in improving the performance and reliability of your critical pumps. I am proud to say that Hydro does this and is one of, if not the, major reasons for our success to date.

Multi-Stage Horizontal Split Case Following a catastrophic failure, a Worthington ash handling pump was pulled for emergency repair. During inspection, it was observed that the bearings had failed at both ends and the rotor had moved axially toward the non-drive end, causing the 2nd stage impeller to contact the pump casing.

In discussion with plant maintenance personnel, they advised that these pumps had an average mean-time-between-repair of 18 months and that excess running clearances accompanied by axial rotor movement had resulted in similar failures on previous occasions.

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With the design changes implemented, Hydro increased the mean-time-between-repair from 18 months to 4 years. Barrel A major Power Plant had been experiencing vibration problems with their Pacific boiler feed pumps, and though repairs had been made at the Case study hydro generation, the mean-time-between-repair was between months.

The plant pulled the pump and sent it to Hydro for an independent evaluation. Hydro performed the modification on the first of three pumps in and this pump ran for 11 years with no problems.

When it was pulled in for routine maintenance, only a standard ring and bushing job was needed. Over time, all three pumps were modified and are still running today. Multi-Stage Horizontal Split Case Low NPSHa net positive suction head available was causing cavitation damage to these condensate pumps, which were being pulled for repair every 14 months.

After performing a thorough inspection of the pump and a review of the installation and operating conditions, Hydro developed a repair plan incorporating a number of recommendations. Hydro forecast that mean-time-between-repair could be extended from 14 months to 4 years, resulting in considerable savings to the station.

Case study hydro generation

Barrel A power plant had been unable to maintain a steady generator output due to various problems with 4 of their boiler feed pumps, which ran in parallel operation but at different speeds. Hydro completed a performance analysis of one of the pumps which revealed internal leakage past the "O" ring seal into the reheat atemperator line.

The leakage, which was occurring in the reheat line and at the seal fit, was consuming HP on the drive turbine. Hydro repaired the first pump in only 15 days, and soon after, installed the new improved "O" ring seal on the other three pumps.

Hydro was informed by the plant that they had been commended for best efficiency record and continuous total MW output in the history of the station.


Ring Section After repeated failures, a Cogen plant sent their ring section pump to Hydro for evaluation. Hydro tightened the fit between the covers in addition to the fit between the shaft and the impellers to re-establish concentric running clearances throughout the entire length of the pump.

Hydro also manufactured a balancing disc with a tapered face to eliminate the problem of contact between the rotating and stationary faces.

Rotor centralization was then performed to ensure proper alignment between rotating and stationary hydraulic passageways.

Case study hydro generation

By applying the technology and engineering standards which Hydro has developed through many years of experience, we believe we can improve the mean-time-between-repair for many of the installed ring section pumps currently in operation at Cogeneration plants.

Boiler Feed Pump Details:The company oversees the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power for all of the Province of Quebec.

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Hydro-Quebec was constructed during a time of large-scale public projects that began in the early s and ran until the  · Email. [email protected] CASE STUDY. HYDRO UNIT REFURBISHMENT.

The machining project was a success, with the wear plate areas being returned to their original ///  · “CRF Hydro Power Limited is a rapidly expanding power generation company and raising capital has been one of our biggest challenges,” says Roy Foster, a Director at About the Forum.

The digitalization of hydropower plants promises to bring substantial values to the hydropower sector, and it is an industry-wide trend that can Ontario Hydro consumers can purchase fixed rate electricity contracts to protect themselves from rising electricity costs.

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