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Careerone resume-writing australian style house

Steele Baillie, managing director of specialist recruitment agency BTA Sales Recruitment, says the sales pitch for sales professionals starts with their resume. This is a paragraph long, basic elevator pitch about you tailored to the job you are going for.

Candidates from overseas should declare their visa status so the reader knows he or she can go to work without delay.

Mr Baille says it is important to be objective on paper but to be upbeat and positive. Why are their particular strengths the right ones for the job?

A year-old candidate said he had taken a year out from sales to drive a monster truck on a mining site. The candidate told CareerOne he really enjoyed the job while it lasted and the exposure it gave him to people from all sorts of backgrounds. However, he still wondered if he should leave the job off his resume as it was a non-sales role.

The candidate should then break down the role they play by detailing their responsibilities before zeroing in on their achievements. Developing strong networks that led to increasing market share in a particular industry or sector. Mr Baille likes to see people sell their experience over qualifications.

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However, a Bachelor of Science for someone selling a related product is a bonus. Other lay out tips: If you have had a long career consider including a table to demonstrate your career history at glance. Recent roles still require a detailed entry.

Yes, there is a danger that the hobbies could be a turn off but it is an advantage if your interests are aligned to those of your potential boss such as golf. Three years in a role is a good tick, a promotion such as BDM to a manager also looks good.

careerone resume-writing australian style house

Even if you are not per cent right for the role can you demonstrate some synergy between you and the role — between your skills and experience and what is being asked for in the job ad. Point that out as clearly as possible.Previously he was a Director of Summit Talent (a boutique Australian based recruitment agency with an international reach & client base) & has also worked in-house with some of Australia's largest companies.

Whenever #resumes are discussed amongst #professionals and #freshers, the most common areas selected include management, engineering and IT. However no one really focuses on the f. Job prospects in Australia | Job Market in Australia | Sydney Brisbane Melbourne job opportunities ⏬ The Truth Behind Software Developer Salaries.

start your career right: design your personal brand, access career advice, build connections, find a job, find yourself. After reading the cover letter, employers will know a little bit about yourself and your strengths and the position you are applying for. Information Planet has a specialist team to help you set yourself up for a sustained career in Australia.

Explore the most popular. Look online for sample cover letters and free cover letter templates that suit the type of job youre looking for. Work depressing or exhausting you? Stop trying to be someone else, and start to be the ‘real-you’.

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