Brown open curriculum essay

They all went to Brown -- and, with the right application essays, you might, too! With record-low acceptance rates the admit rate for Brown in was 9.

Brown open curriculum essay

How to Write Your Brown Application Essays

The Brown Curriculum The Open Curriculum InBrown's fourth president, Francis Wayland, argued that students should have greater freedom in pursuing a higher education, so that each would be able to "study what he chose, all that he chose, and nothing but what he chose.

Rather than defining a broad set of distribution requirements, the open curriculum gives students the freedom to choose for themselves. This philosophy has defined Brown's place in the landscape of higher education for more than four decades.

There is much evidence to suggest that our liberal approach to education works. The success of our graduates in professional degrees, graduate programs, and in a wide range of careers—and the satisfaction of undergraduates as measured on frequent comparative surveys—attest to the continuing vitality and coherence of the curriculum's underlying philosophy.

Liberal Learning at Brown What does it mean to be broadly educated?

How to Write Your Brown Application Essays

The first Western universities conceived of the liberal arts as seven distinct modes of thought, three based on language grammar, rhetoric, and logicand four on number arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.

While this structure has changed over the centuries, the basic concept has endured. A modern liberal arts education is still defined in terms of a core curriculum comprised of several areas of knowledge. At Brown, rather than specifying these areas, we challenge you to develop your own core.

Our open curriculum ensures you great freedom in directing the course of your education, but it also expects you to remain open to people, ideas, and experiences that may be entirely new.

By cultivating such openness, you will learn to make the most of the freedom you have, and to chart the broadest possible intellectual journey. Each student's journey through the Brown curriculum is unique, and each semester of study constitutes a chapter in their own curricular narratives.

Brown open curriculum essay

What will your story be?The open curriculum offers unparalleled academic freedom, and may well be a major factor in your decision to apply. In this case, it’s fine to mention it -- especially if you have a specific(-ish) plan for how you’re going to take advantage of it.

The consequence of the liberal education here at Brown is, much like the Open Curriculum, a student body here to learn, here to be driven by no one other than themselves and their insatiable hunger to learn about the world.

Since Brown has an open curriculum (the topic of the next question), you need to show that you have some direction even if you’re undecided. While you might be tempted to get technical or poetic, this essay will be more personal and memorable if you can share a story.

What are some top Brown admissions essays? Update Cancel. Brown’s Open Curriculum is based on three principles. The first is that students ought to take an active role in their education by assuming responsibility for the direction of their learning.

The essay is supposed to shine a light on the Applicant. It is a means to for the. The consequence of the liberal education here at Brown is, much like the Open Curriculum, a student body here to learn, here to be driven by no one other than themselves and .

The idea for the open curriculum came from a report written by undergraduates Elliot Maxwell, Class of , and Ira Magaziner, Class of , as part of a GISP (Group Independent Study Project) that examined education at Brown.

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