Assignment ikea

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Assignment ikea

P4, P5, P6, M3, M4 Assignment ikea Section-1 IKEA is the furniture retail company dealing in the world class furniture with unique and the classic designs of the furniture and attracting the customers from all over the world.

Example of sustainable activities:

There are many external factors which affects the functions Assignment ikea the business. The macro environmental factors are the uncontrollable factors which impact the organizational functions of the organization.

These macro environmental factors impact the functions of the organization positively and negatively. The various macro environmental factors of the company are described below: Political factors- The political factors are those which involves the political implications on the functions of the organization.

It is the government policy which affects the organizational functions by providing the legislation or the acts. The positive impact of the political factors on the business functions of IKEA are that they provide the restrictions on the unfair trade practices and control the activities of the organization Bernard, et.

The negative impact of the political factors are that they interfere in the business activities which provides the barriers to freely practice the business functions.

Economic factors- The economic factors are those including the demand and the supply of the economy which affects the organizational functions and the different economic changes in the economy.

The positive impact that the economic factors of the has on the business functions of IKEA are that they continuously shows the economic changes and demand and supply changes which helps to identify the needs and functions according to the needs whereas the negative impact of these factors on the organization is that it provides inflation and deflation which influence in the activity of the organization Beladi, et.

Social factors- Social factors are those which involves the lifestyle, wealth and the religion of the people of the society and their culture which affects the business functions and the marketing strategy of the company.

Social factor has the positive impact on the business functions that the culture of the society and the religion accept changes and the innovation which improves the functions of the organization.

Assignment ikea

The negative impact of the social factors of the organization are that it brings the restrictions for the company to work and operate according to the religion and the culture of the different society so as to get the benefit of the sales and in attracting the customers.

Technological factors- These are the factors related with the change in the technology and the techniques of doing the work in an organization. The new technology impacts the organization in a manner to provide training to employees.

The positive impact of the technological factor is that it provides the company or the organization to run with the new technology and compete with the competitors more effectively whereas the negative impact of the technological factors is that it provides the continuous changes in the technology which disturbs the organizational functions and operations and affects the overall business of the organization.

The human resources are also trained as well to work on the new techniques Caiazza, Environmental factors- Environmental factors involves the biological changes in the environment as well as affects the organizational functions.

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These are the environmental changes such as seasons, disasters, pollution which has the impact on the organizational functions. The positive influence of the environmental factors on the IKEA is that it helps in preparing the risk preventive actions so as to meet the miss happening of the environment and also provides the company to work according to the environmental factors.

The negative impact of the environmental factor on the organizational factors is that it takes the long process to cope up with the effect of environmental factors which provides delay in achieving the organizational objectives and in achieving the completion of the functions on time.

Legal factors- Legal factors are the different laws and the tax laws which are provided on the business functions such as sales, manufacturing, purchasing. These functions get affected by the legal factors.IKEA Case Study Assignment Help. The concept of case study writing is taught in various universities all over Australia.

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