Art majors in college

Theatre Secondary Teaching Credential for Fine Arts Students Students seeking a secondary credential in art, music, or English Theatre must satisfy all of the major requirements. More information about the credential program can be obtained from the Humanities and Teacher Education Division of Seaver College. Our art minor encourages students who love painting, sculpting, and digital arts to move into the studio to create art. Highly marketable, our art minor pairs well with any major at Pepperdine and demonstrates that a student is well rounded and can think outside of the box.

Art majors in college

Art Welcome to Art "It takes a lot of willpower and desire to be an artist hunting for what excites your imagination.

Art majors in college

It can be difficult because it takes so much discipline to continue. The Art department is committed to student success in its many programs by providing the highest level of instruction and experience from our foundation level courses to the upper level studio classes.

We offer an Associate of Art degree or transfer certificate in Studio Art and Art History and have seen many of our students successfully move on to art schools, 4-year Institutions and professional careers.

We have a strong commitment to our local community and have reached a broad audience through the Atkinson Gallery and our Fine Arts Lecture series where speakers from many art disciplines come to our department and present talks.


We support the student-run Art Club that organizes symposia and field trips. We are proud of the broader art experience we have been able to provide to our students. Demonstrate knowledge of various artistic movements and significant artists.

Sarah Cunningham H, ext. The Art Department strongly encourages students to complete the Foundation Level courses below prior to more specialized courses.

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Santa Barbara City College is enforcing all prerequisites, and registration will be blocked unless the prerequisite courses have been completed. Form and Space Contact Us:This major will likely offer two options: art education for schools, and art education for cultural and social agencies.

An integral part of each option for students is a basic art studio, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics preparation. Arts & Letters.

Undergraduate Programs

Art & Design. Ceramics Drawing Graphic Design Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture. Art History. American Art Asian Art Contemporary Art. Time to degree: two years (60 credits) Part-time options are available The Master of Fine Arts program in the Art and Art History Department at Columbia College Chicago will prepare you to .

Cornell offers minors to undergraduates, listed below. Students may pursue minors in any department in any college that offers them, subject to limitations placed by the department offering the minor or by the student's major.

Studio Art - College of Charleston Top 10 College Majors College offers you many academic freedoms.
Types of Art Degrees | Synonym Interdisciplinary art and design studies Interior design Studio art with concentrations in ceramics, drawing and painting, fibers, metalsmithing and jewelry, new media art, photography, printmaking and sculpture Visual art studies with art teacher certification Many faculty members are nationally and internationally known artists and scholars who are impacting communities worldwide.
What we offer Here, you will find a culture that celebrates creativity and a curriculum dedicated to nurturing your dreams.

Jun 02,  · College is a great place to learn and have fun. But let’s not kid ourselves, some degrees are as useless as the plot in a Michael Bay film.

A mherst offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in 40 majors in the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Students can carry more than one major, create their own interdisciplinary major or engage in independent students delve more deeply into their major field by undertaking honors theses as seniors.

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