An analysis of the debated between republican dick cheney ann democrat joseph lieberman

Abraham Lincoln16th President of the United States — and the first Republican President Founded in the Northern states in by abolitionistsmodernizers, ex- Whigs and ex- Free Soilersthe Republican Party quickly became the principal opposition to the dominant Democratic Party and the briefly popular Know Nothing Party.

Cheney Loyal service under four Republican presidents and a decade of leadership in Congress brought Richard B. Cheney born to the inner circle in President George Bush's cabinet as secretary of defense. Assuming the post in Marchhe faced Panamanian and Iraqi crises as well as an altered relationship with a disintegrating Soviet Union.

After weeks of contentious testimony, President George Bush suffered the first major defeat of his presidency when former Senator John Tower of Texas, his original choice for secretary of defense, was rejected by the full Senate. In a week the Senate confirmed him unanimously.

The year-old legislator came to the office strictly through the political route, but both sides of the Senate aisle agreed that he brought to it an agreeable style, an amiable outlook on life, and a near flawless gift for dealing with people.

A dedicated Republican, he left the st Congress as its newly-minted minority whip, a position second only to that of minority leader. After a stellar secondary school career, he floundered at Yale, leaving in his sophomore year to return home, where he worked for the next two years before returning to college.

Beginning again at the University of Wyoming inhe quickly won his B. The Road to Washington Through Wyoming While at Wyoming he undertook several internships, one with the state legislature and another in the governor's office.

These whetted his appetite for government service and led him to apply for a coveted fellowship which brought him to the Washington office of one of the House's most highly respected members, William A.

The assignment drew him to the capital ina year of turmoil marking the end of eight years of Democratic control of both White House and Congress.

An analysis of the debated between republican dick cheney ann democrat joseph lieberman

While some careers were eclipsing, Cheney's was just beginning to rise. The Nixon administration, hungry for youthful blood, put him to work as special assistant to Donald Rumsfeld, director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. Cheney and Rumsfeld worked well together, the latter taking Cheney with him as deputy when he became White House counsel and as assistant director of operations when Rumsfeld became director of the Cost of Living Council.

These positions, which Cheney held from May to Marchgave him an enviable education in government from the inside. But Watergate Washington in was no place for a non-lawyer in his early thirties, particularly one with limited private employment experience.

He took the vice presidency of an investment advisory group named Bradley, Woods and Company. Agnew's resignation in and Nixon's departure the following summer thus passed him harmlessly by and in fact opened new horizons.

Cheney began life in the new administration at a considerably higher level than he had left the old. He was to serve as deputy assistant to the president, seconding yet again his close associate, Rumsfeld.

In the heady air of the White House, where absurdity is often called reality, Cheney remained himself: These traits brought him to the post of assistant to the president and chief of staff when Rumsfeld became Ford's choice to head the Department of Defense.

Cheney served the president from November until the end of his administration in January In the execution of his duties, he cultivated an old-fashioned "passion for anonymity" that would have done justice to many in the eras of Franklin Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

As chief of staff he was privy to the issues confronting Ford those days and had a direct role in advisement on political matters as well as responsibilities for scheduling the president and managing the White House staff.

Once more, this was an education no graduate school could impart.

Richard B. Cheney

But the lure of Washington was too great, and in he entered the Republican primary, winning it despite being stricken by a coronary attack in the midst of his campaign.

Defeating his Democratic opponent in November, he entered the 96th Congress as his state's solitary member of the House of Representatives. During the next decade of his life, from January until MarchCongressman Cheney consistently defined himself as a compassionate conservative.

He made friends easily in both parties, assuming a leadership position early in his career. Re-election came easy to him, and he captured Wyoming's seat five times. Well-liked by his party, he was elected chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee in his second term, an unprecedented feat.

Cheney's political career as a congressman was benefitted greatly by the return of the Republicans to the White House in In domestic matters he joined right-of-center Republicans on issues such as abortion.Cheney campaigned against Al Gore's running mate, Joseph Lieberman, in the presidential election.

While the election was undecided, the Bush-Cheney team was not eligible for public funding to plan a transition to a new administration.

A day after battling face-to-face at their first debate in Boston, George W. Bush and Al Gore returned to the battlegrounds of the presidential campaign, drumming up support in critical swing. Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman debate in Danville, Kentucky. [Source: On The Issues .org)] During the single vice-presidential debate of the campaign, between Republican Dick Cheney and Democrat Joseph Lieberman, Cheney makes a number of assertions about his .

Dick Cheney. Born: January 30, Lincoln, Nebraska American vice president, secretary of defense, congressman, and government official. Dick Cheney is the forty-sixth vice president of the United States, serving under President George W.

An analysis of the debated between republican dick cheney ann democrat joseph lieberman

Bush ( –).He helped plan the war on terrorism that began after the country was attacked in Lieberman's St. Louis Angle? It's Really a Stretch. Republican veep hopeful Dick Cheney angered local politicians of both parties by pulling the plug on McDonnell Douglas' $ billion A Feb 18,  · Leaders' debate, which occur within Parliamentary forms of government French presidential debates, held on television since United States presidential election debates, debates that occur between the main candidates for the American president, both .

Joseph Lieberman