A look into the phases of drug development and pharmaceutical career options

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A look into the phases of drug development and pharmaceutical career options

Apr 4, An FDA representative participated in an advisory capacity. Additionally, there were two face-to-face meetings. The results of the field test were evaluated within the scope of the committee.

A look into the phases of drug development and pharmaceutical career options

Sections of the paper were written oy sub-teams based upon the committee agreements on the scope determined by several early meetings.

There were many discussions who our audience would be. Additionally, the committee did not want to write a rehash of what has already been published on the subject of validation and compliance.

However, it was felt that, in terms of network infrastructure, there was a need to clarify what the IT professional does in order to support a regulated industry. The IT professionals would have documented training requirements.

IT personnel should have training and understanding of their job function. Thus, it was felt that the committee would show the relationship of a qualified network infrastructure in support of the validated processes and applications.

Infrastructure Qualification Proposed Standard | IVT - Network Qualification

Whatever the IT organization calls the documentation was determined not to be the issue, as long as the information or documentation is useful to support regulatory compliance. There are also enterprise network monitoring software, help desk, and other software enablers that would be of benefit for qualification and maintenance efforts.

The evolution of information technology continues. The committee researched many sources for specific network infrastructure information. Technology continues to evolve, yet fundamentals on IT management have been written about at length.

It was suggested that IT infrastructure best practices from other industries should be considered. Another decision was made to write the paper with the primary audience being the practitioner.

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Thus, the amount of references, citations, and cross-references would be kept to a minimum. A bibliography and suggested reading list has been included. During the final meetings of the committee, there were several discussions regarding installation instructions within the context of IT infrastructure that would be considered an IQ protocol within the computer system validation context.

A look into the phases of drug development and pharmaceutical career options

The result of the discussions was that IT should call its documentation whatever it is. The benefit would be that there would be fewer cut and paste exercises into another format that may not provide any value.

The content and accuracy of the information is more important. The result is the committee suggests that the effort for qualifying the network infrastructure and its components, within a framework quality, will enable focus to be applied to the validation of the processes and applications.

Management processes are important to the successful implementation of infrastructure qualification. In order to establish a qualified state, the network organization should utilize a risk-based approach to document the strategy for the implementation.

The committee tried to provide clarification, and in some cases, raise questions, for the importance of implementing a network infrastructure qualification program. The committee hopes that we have met the objective given us by IVT. Warren Campbell Institute of Validation Technology Network Infrastructure Qualification Committee Purpose The purpose of the proposed qualification standard is to provide those who have the responsibility for the computer network infrastructure within FDA regulated industry, specific information and guidance to effectively support both business and regulatory compliance expectations.

The information should enable the reader and network infrastructure practitioner to create a framework to mitigate regulatory risks, while also providing the infrastructure foundation to enable the company to meet its network communication, information, and security needs.

In addition, the management and related activities for Network Infrastructure Qualification NIQ are enabled to be more information centric, rather than document centric.

Target Audience The intent is to target two specific audiences within regulated companies: The first are personnel whose responsibility it is to develop, implement, and maintain the infrastructure that provides support for the transmission and storage of information for an organization.

These professionals are called infrastructure practitioners. They may be employees of a company, or an external organization providing contracted support services. For these individuals, the intent is to provide information that will help them control and generate information that will assist them, as practitioners.

Also, it will help increase both the efficiency of their jobs or compliance in providing information that will allow the processes and applications utilizing the infrastructure to operate in a validated and compliant state of control. The second are personnel who build, maintain, and use applications and processes utilizing the infrastructure.

It is important for them to understand the nature and control of the infrastructure in order to support the systems they put into place.

Target Audience In terms of the computer network, infrastructure is composed of the underlying hardware and software components that must be present and functioning in order for network communications and applications to work see Figure 1.

As defined within the scope of this document, infrastructure includes such elements as infrastructure hardware e.

Also addressed within this scope are facilities e. The focus of this document is on the IT network infrastructure and the related network components.

In keeping to this focus, the intent is to identify the processes associated within the IT world for installation and deployment of infrastructure components that meet the needs of the business, which includes regulatory compliance.Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts at our + Global Conferenceseries Events with over + Conferences, + Symposiums and + Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business..

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Hello, Thank you for the article. I’m a complete novice to investment (aside A level Maths and some statistics knowledge -not sure if that’ll help) but have a strong background in healthcare research (PhD in Pharmacy, and work experience in care) but seeking a route into investment, a career outside academia.

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