A description of kelly flinn an author proud to be on my life the air force

Flinn has served the Air Force honorably for almost eight years and her discharge characterization should reflect this honorable service.

A description of kelly flinn an author proud to be on my life the air force

An extraordinary young woman. Space Camp and An extraordinary young woman. Space Camp and as a cadet at the U. There, she overcame considerable odds and earned a coveted position as a combat pilot. But nothing prepared Lieutenant Kelly Flinn for the controversy that erupted when the military began an investigation into her relationship with Marc Zigo, a man who lied to her about his marital status and then betrayed her to military authorities.

Flinn was forced to resign amid charges of disobeying orders--charges she disputes in this poignant and powerful memoir. This is also the story of a determined young woman fighting for her rightful place in a military establishment run by men, many of whom are not yet ready to accept a female combat pilot.

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Flinn reveals examples of hypocrisy and sexism in the military that are, by any standard, infuriating. With disarming candor, Flinn takes us inside her world.

Kelly Flinn has been called "the Hester Prynne of our time," and her life has been depicted in the media as a combination of Top Gun and The Scarlet Letter. In Proud to Be, she speaks in her own voice--determined, vulnerable, and all too human.This is the winning entry of the C The image below was t am The way my life ended was incredibly simple and quick.

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Proud to Be has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. An extraordinary young woman.

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A description of kelly flinn an author proud to be on my life the air force

Nov 18,  · Buy a cheap copy of Proud to Be: My Life, The Airforce, The book by Kelly Flinn. Kelly Flinn might have been a fine pilot, but shes not much of a writer. That said, her book, Proud to Be, still manages to hold your interest and elicit your Free shipping over $Pages: The author took great pains to limit the characters to actions natural to a rabbit, yet still, he created an epic adventure that tests these larger than life creatures to their limits.

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